Lost Something on a Czech Train? Here's How to Find It

Lost Something on a Czech Train? Here's How to Find It

How to Find Lost Items on a Train

What should you do if you forget something on a train? Who to contact and where to look? It can happen to anyone. You rush to catch another connection, bus, or metro, and your backpack is left on the shelf above the seat. Whether you forget your glasses, wallet, or even a suitcase, we'll advise you on how to proceed.

Each carrier has its own customer service line, and there is also a national lost and found database in operation.

What to do if you lose (forget) something on a train

It depends on when you realize you forgot the item. If you find out immediately and the train is still on its way, call the carrier's customer service line. They should be able to call the train and there is a good chance that your item will be found. You can find where the train you were traveling on is located, for example, on the online map - see the article Location and delays of trains in the Czech Republic.

If you find out later, check the national lost and found database. If you do not find your lost or forgotten item in the database, you can also call the carrier's customer service line. However, the chances of finding it are already smaller.

I forgot something on the train

The train is still on its way - call the customer service line immediately
I found out later - check eztraty.cz, or contact the carrier

eztraty.cz - národní databáze nálezů a Vrátilky

The train is already abroad, what now?

If the train is no longer in the Czech Republic, we proceed depending on the chosen carrier and where the train ends.

  • Regiojet has its crew abroad, call the carrier's line.
  • Leo Express also has its crew abroad, call the carrier's line.
  • Czech Railways does not have its own crew abroad. Therefore, if the train is already across the border, it will be necessary to contact a foreign carrier. However, if you forgot something in the JLV dining car and it is already abroad, call JLV directly.

What if you forget something in a sleeper/couchette car?

If you have forgotten your belongings in JLV cars, you can contact them directly - the contact telephone number listed on the company's website is +420 271 003 213. If you are unable to contact JLV, contact Czech Railways directly.

Sleeper and couchette cars, which are included in night trains throughout Europe, are operated by various companies and not always directly by the carrier. For Czech Railways, it is the JLV company, but on the night train to Slovakia or Hungary, the cars of the Slovak Railways are included, and to Poland, the cars of the Polish Railways.

The eztraty.cz portal - a national database of lost and found items

On www.eztraty.cz there is a database of lost and found items, in which more than 700 partners in the Czech Republic have participated. A quick glance at the records shows that the most active partner is Czech Railways, which has most of the finds in the records.

First, the page will ask you to choose "what you lost" and then "where you lost it". There is no direct entry into the database without filtering on the page. However, if you click on the "what you lost" option again after selecting it and choose "I don't know", you can display them all. This can be useful if the finder mislabels your find.

If you find your lost item in the list, click on the "Contact the finder" button. Contact information will be displayed to you.

Contacts for individual carriers in the Czech Republic

Czech Railways - lost and found
customer line in operation non-stop.

Regiojet - lost and found
customer line in operation non-stop.

Arriva - lost and found
working days 5:00 - 23:00 | Sat and Sun 5:30 - 23:00.

LeoExpress - lost and found
08:00 – 20:00

GW TRAIN - lost and found
07:00 – 18:00

AŽD Praha - lost and found
07:00 – 17:00