By Train to the Baltic Sea: 2024 Seasonal Connections from Czech Railways

By Train to the Baltic Sea: 2024 Seasonal Connections from Czech Railways
Information valid in 2024 - updated on 05.06.2024
Sleeping cars will be included in the trains this year!

By Train to the Baltic Sea in 2024

Czech Railways offers travelers the opportunity to visit the stunning beaches of the Baltic Sea with their seasonal train connections. These routes lead to the enchanting Hel Peninsula, the seaside town of Łeba, and the lively resort of Kołobrzeg. These connections provide a comfortable journey to sunbathe, swim, and partake in water sports on the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea.

Travel connections to Hel and Leba offer seating cars, and you can also use sleeping cars. Yes, sleeping cars will finally be available. They are now on sale. Just like last year, the start of ticket sales for trips to the Baltic Sea caused some confusion. Last year, First Minute tickets for sleeping cars were not initially offered. This year, there was information that sleeping cars would not be available. However, sleeping cars will indeed be included and are already on sale! Sleeping cars will be available for both the Hel Peninsula and Leba.

The trains will include standard seating cars marked B249 and BDs 449. These are old compartments with 8 seats each. The cars do not have air conditioning, power outlets, or WiFi. There is also a car that has half of the wagon designated as first class. In first class, each compartment has 6 seats, but they also lack air conditioning, power outlets, and WiFi. The second-class compartments also have 8 seats each. The much-talked-about sleeping cars are Polish models marked WLABou P, which offer compartments with three, two, or single berths. These compartments have power outlets, and the toilets are shared. As usual in sleeping cars, bed linens are provided.

The connections run from June 21st to the end of the summer holidays. Departure times are suitable even for passengers with children. Prices start at 643 CZK for a one-way ticket for an adult.

Bohumín - Hel17:19 - 07:40643 CZKR 403 Wydmyfrom 21.6. to 31.8. 2024
Hel - Bohumín17:55 - 08:01643 CZKR 402 Wydmyfrom 22.6. to 1.9. 2024
Bohumín - Łeba17:19 - 07:40643 CZKR 403 Wydmyfrom 21.6. to 31.8. 2024
Łeba - Bohumín17:47 - 08:01643 CZKR 402 Wydmyfrom 22.6. to 1.9. 2024
Bohumín - Kołobrzeg20:40 - 07:28643 CZKR 405 Piratfrom 21.6. to 30.8. 2024
Kołobrzeg - Bohumín19:17 - 06:24643 CZKR 404 Piratfrom 22.6. to 31.8. 2024
Ticket with sleeping car surcharge to the Hel Peninsula | Source:

By Train to the Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula is a picturesque tourist destination in northern Poland, featuring beaches, cliffs, and charming villages. It's a popular spot for fishing and kitesurfing. Nearby, you'll find the Wodny National Park, showcasing unique nature and wildlife. The peninsula also features historical and cultural attractions, such as 16th-century ramparts and towers.

Train Connection Map from Bohumín to Hel
Katowice19:36 - 20:1805:25 - 05:45
Gdansk Glowny04:11 - 04:1420:47 - 20:50
Sopot04:30 - 04:3220:28 - 20:30
Gdynia Glowna05:00 - 05:3619:38 - 20:20
Wladyslawowo06:30 - 06:3418:36 - 18:42
Chalupy06:40 - 06:4218:26 - 18:27
Kuznica (Hel)06:47 - 06:4818:19 - 18:20
Jastarnia06:55 - 06:5718:10 - 18:11
Jurata07:00 - 07:0118:05 - 18:06

By Train to the White Beaches of Łeba

Łeba, a small town on the Polish coast, is steeped in rich history and natural beauty. Here, tourists can walk among the mighty sand dunes and swim in the white waves of the Baltic Sea. The sun shines on wide beaches where you can relax or embark on guided adventures through the surrounding forests and lakes. Łeba is truly a magical place for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a chance to explore nature's wonders.

Train Connection Map from Bohumín to Leba
Katowice19:36 - 20:1805:25 - 05:45
Gdansk Glowny04:11 - 04:1420:47 - 20:50
Sopot04:30 - 04:3220:28 - 20:30
Gdynia Glowna04:41 - 05:0819:47 - 20:20
Rumia05:18 - 05:2019:32 - 19:36
Wejherowo05:29 - 05:3119:17 - 19:19
Lebork06:09 - 06:4418:32 - 18:57
Ticket with sleeping car surcharge to Leba | Source:

The night train to the Hel Peninsula includes direct cars to the city of Leba, which are the same type as those to Hel, including sleeping cars! The schedule remains the same up to Bohumín – Gdynia, where the cars detach and continue towards Leba, arriving around 7:30 in the morning.

By Train for a Holiday in Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg, a small Polish town on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is a jewel of tranquility and beauty. Long beaches with fine sand invite relaxation and sunbathing, while historic buildings and churches recall the city's rich past. Despite its small size, Kołobrzeg offers a lively nightlife and a wide range of restaurants and cafes where you can sample local specialties. For nature lovers, the surrounding area is full of forests and parks for walks and trips. Kołobrzeg is an ideal place for those seeking a combination of beach relaxation and historical richness.

Train Connection Map from Bohumín to Kolobrzeg
BY TRAIN TO THE BALTIC SEA R 405 Pirat Bohumín - Kolobrzeg R 404 Pirat Kolobrzeg - Bohumín
Bohumín 20:40 06:24
Katowice 22:39 - 22:44 04:15 - 04:20
Poznan Gl. 03:36 - 03:51 23:03 - 23:08
Kolobrzeg 07:28 19:17

The last seasonal connection is the night train from Bohumín to Kołobrzeg. Unlike the previous two destinations, this train only offers seating carriages. Sleeper cars were added in Katowice in previous years, but this is no longer the case.

The trains are composed of 8-seater compartments in second class and 6-seater compartments in first class. Wi-Fi and power outlets are not available.

Ticket Prices and Where to Buy

ČD Offer – When Purchased at the Ticket Office and eShop

Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased at ČD ticket offices, on the ČD eShop, and also at PKP ticket offices.

First Minute Europe Ticket to the Baltic Sea

First Minute tickets for travel to Poland offer a convenient purchase option up to 60 days before the departure date. The sale of these tickets ends either 3 days before departure for 1st class or 1 day before departure for 2nd class, and the sale may also end when the given contingent is sold out. For the Early Bird tickets to the Baltic Sea offer, the pre-sale may be shortened even further.

If a passenger purchases a VJE ticket, they can return it no later than 23:59 on the day before the first day of validity, but with a deduction of 3 EUR per person; if the return is made on the day of departure or later, the deduction is 100%. This ticket can be purchased in the e-shop, at the ticket counter for a fee of 50 CZK, or by phone on the telephone line 221 111 122 of ČD Central Customer Service, in the form of TeleTiket for a fee of 50 CZK within one telephone order.

Current prices and availability of Early Bird Europe tickets for specific routes can be verified at the time of purchase or price inquiry in the e-shop, at the ticket office with the issuance of international documents, or at ČD Central Customer Service.

Examples of one-way Early Bird tickets Bohumín – Hel, Leba, Kołobrzeg:

  • 1 person with a seat - 630 CZK
  • surcharge for a bed in a 3-person compartment - 504 CZK
  • surcharge for a bed in a 2-person compartment - 1008 CZK
  • surcharge for a single bed - 1890 CZK

PKP Discount - ČD MOST

A discount that has been pushed out by Early Bird Europe tickets over time. It can only be purchased in person at the ČD international ticket office and is valid for one month and is a return ticket. So you can make one round trip during the one month validity period. Compared to a regular international ticket, which is offered on the ČD eShop in combination with a bed, it is more advantageous both in terms of price and validity.

Examples of return tickets Bohumín - Hel with MOST discount:

  • 1 adult – 1 651 CZK
  • 2 adults – 3 302 CZK
  • 1 child 4 – 11.99 years – 807 CZK
  • 1 child 12 – 17.99 years – 1593 CZK

It is necessary to add the price for a seat reservation to the price (person and direction):

  • Seat reservation for one person CZK 75